Our Beliefs

Rooted in the Past.  Rejoicing in the Present.


These days it seems that there are hundreds of different denominations.  What makes one different from another?  What do they agree upon? 

The answer to that second question can be stated as Six Essential teachings of Christianity.  Any church that calls itself Christian will adhere to these six basic beliefs:

The Authority of Scripture

The Resurrection of Christ

The Deity of Christ

The Sinfulness of Humanity

The Nature of God: the Trinity

Salvation by Grace through Faith in Christ

Here at RBCA we thoroughly embrace these essential teachings of the Christian faith, as do all truly Christian churches. 


So what makes RBCA different than other  churches?


First, RBCA is a Reformed church.  Theologically, this means that we believe in the same five basic principles that guided Martin Luther, John Calvin, Philip Melanchthon, and so many other Protestant Reformers.  These five principles have traditionally been expressed in Latin, but you’ll find them here listed in English, too. 

Only by grace

We are saved only by grace.  We do not earn a drop of our salvation.  In fact, we cannot earn a drop of it.

Only scripture

The Scriptures are our guide for faith and practice.  They are everything we need for life and godliness.

Only by faith

Our salvation is only by faith.  It is neither obtained nor lost by our good works.  It is a gift of God.

Only through Christ

Our salvation is not only made possible by Christ – it is completely His work.

only for his glory

Since our salvation is completely His work, He deserves all the credit and all the praise.





For more information on the Five Solas click here to go to articles from  Ligonier Ministries.






So what about the “Baptist” in our name?


Second, RBCA is a Baptist church.  This means that we believe only those who can express their faith in Christ should be baptized.  While many churches baptize infants as a sign of hoped-for faith, we believe that the Scriptures teach us to baptize people who have professed faith in the risen LORD.  This baptism does not save you, but it is your way of telling the community that you belong to Christ.




Resources for further study

Here are some additional resources if you’d like to know more about the Reformed Baptist tradition.

The London Baptist Confession of 1689

This document lays out the more specific details of the theology that we at RBCA teach and practice.  Simply click the link to download:

– 1689 Confession –  

Web Resources:

Click on any of these links to access tools to help you understand our God better and deepen your faith.